From BBC News:

 « Talal died around 11 in the morning. He was so thin, his mother says, that his skin had become transparent. The family didn’t have the money to pay for space at a cemetery, and so they buried him by a roadside.  [ … ] Talal, who was four years old, weighed 4kg (9lb) when he died – just above an average newborn in the West. »

 A Yemeni girl at a malnutrition centre

In their estimates, Oxfam points out that the money required to help is $500 million. Now, that’s less than one half of one percent of the recent spanish bank bailout. It’s also about  one percent of the portuguese bailout, or  about one tenth of one percent of the total greek bailout.  I’m not arguing against bailouts, but when things get better, the world will need a serious look at its priorities.



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