Learning, Education, and Self Improvement

To borrow a salutation: Ladies and Gentleman, Brothers and Sisters, Comrades,

Since the goal here is always self improvement, learning, and understanding, I thought I’d share some of the two best online education tools that are out there for us to use:

            edx-logo_240x180.153393e899a0         coursera-logo 

Both these websites are disruptive technologies for our personal use and for education in general. They both offer free, certified, high quality education. The number of topics covered is impressive: Programming, Statistics, Economics, Finance, Philosophy, Art, History, Psychology, Biology, Neuroscience, etc, etc. No doubt more than was ever on offer in our own personal education.

And these are not degenerate versions of real courses. I’m currently taking edX’s 600x based no MIT’s introduction to computer science and programming. The course is given by the same staff that teaches the in situ version at MIT, there are weekly assignments that are graded, and exams over the semester. Much was the same with Coursera’s “Introduction to Finance” that I already successfully completed.

Highlights include the famous philosophy course “Justice” thought by Michael Sandel at Harvard, and a course on global poverty thought by Esther Duflo, from MIT – both now available in edX. On Coursera, among more than 100 courses, we can find behavioral economics thought by the popular Dan Ariely, and Musical Improvisation thought by Gary Burton! (but just look for whatever topic most interests you). These are  world famous universities and top level professionals in their field, risking their name with these initiatives and preparing certified, free, online, classes for us to take. Whatever your interests are, from nutrition to philosophy and from programming to politics, here is a fantastic opportunity to learn form the best.


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