The Business of War

Those who run the world are on the verge committing a crime against all of us, which is arguably more dangerous and serious than the economic crimes we have been subject to recently. By “those who run the world”, I mean of course the collusion between governments and big industry; and the crime is that they are setting the ground for ineffective and weak regulation on global arms sales.

The UN is supposed to start negotiations in the week of 18 March. At the UN security council sit the top arms dealers in the world: France, England, China, Russia, and the USA. It’s hard to imagine a worse way to start.

The arms industry that these countries control is worth several hundreds of billions of dollars per year. This figure climbs steadily, and so does the danger to all of us. The efficacy of the products of the arms industry can be seen in the  hundreds of thousands of people killed every year. War is good for business. Fear is good for business. Violence is good for business. These people most certainly do not care about our interests or the victims of their trade.

Amnesty International, a long time campaigner against violence and unregulated arms trade, has a good short summary of the issue for those interested. The message is simple: violence and death are being once again ignored in the interests of profit and power.

A lack of a decent treaty will be a huge stain on the international community, on the UN, and on our future.


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