Let us not forget these two.

Rory Stewart, a conservative british MP, wrote an article called Looking Back on Iraq. I quote from it:

My experience on the ground in Southern Iraq in 2003, 2004, and 2005, was of chaos. Not even Iraqis knew exactly who controlled the provinces. Iranian militia fought nationalist militia; engineers, and professionals were pushed from their jobs, and often their homes. Women, who once walked with heads uncovered, were now frightened by Islamists into wearing full black abayas


By 2006, 30 new mutilated bodies could be found every morning on suburban pavements in Baghdad. Many of the people who worked with me, and who had become my friends – from a female doctor, to a young Iraqi scholar – were dragged from their cars and killed.


It began only ten years ago. Parliament voted overwhelmingly for the war. 100,000 British soldiers and civilians served at some point in Iraq. Perhaps 200,000 Iraqis have been killed. And yet, society as a whole seems to be trying to forget it ever happened.

And while it is true that for the most part we are all “trying to forget it ever happened”, there are two people in particular who we should always remember as major figures in planing this war: Barroso and Blair.

They were both in the gang of 4 who started the war (Bush, Blair Barroso and Aznar), but they’ve moved on. Barroso has been for the past 10 years the president of the European Commission – where he clearly has done a beautiful job in leading Europe into a time of solidarity, growth, prosperity, and unity. While, Blair has been a roaming politician being payed millions of dollars for “speeches and consulting”, and making sure the middle east continues to be a place of oppression and injustice for some. How they are still taken seriously by anyone is surprising. This duo has ruined the lives of millions – Barroso especially in Europe, and Blair especially in the Middle East – and we shouldn’t forget that. The families of those 200 000 dead Iraqis will hardly be able to.


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