3 Videos: The queen, some laughs, and things that matter.

A few days ago the queen of the UK shared the traditional christmass message. I had never heard one and I was curious. It turns out it was an embarrassment to watch. If you can suffer through a few minutes of it here it is:

I don’t know about you, but after much royal self-celebration, a few references to Jesus and a reminder that UK citizens are subjects of the aristocracy, I was almost sick. Fortunately there is good remedy. One is of comedic nature, and the other of political importance. Here is the comedic one:

At least while reminding me of the anachronistic nature of the UK’s head of state and colonial past… Kondabolu makes me laugh!

On the political side, one could have imagined that the queen’s speech would have been about something that mattered. Sadly not. There is a tradition (that Channel 4 started) of short replies that are broadcast the next day. This year the short reply was by Edward Snowden:

Unlike the queen, Mr Snowden at least talks about issues that we should care about and that deserve our attention. I’m not a fan of the aristocracy, and this christmass message doesn’t help. Maybe one day they might feel compelled to talk about things that matter.


2 thoughts on “3 Videos: The queen, some laughs, and things that matter.

    • (I apologize, I missed this comment for so long)
      Some of the most fun I had playing shows was in random shity houses with people who were just spontaneouly organizing gigs, and giving us support (food, beds, etc). I have to say for small bands this is hard of course. ’cause we need lots of fans for a few to answer “yes” to you asking for help. When it happens is great!

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